Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Wolfhounds Book 2 - Taking Ground is now Live on Amazon!

 Taking Ground


With the Battle of Portlandia behind him, Chase is a hero now and the rank and file truly believes that he's the prince the Command Team claims he is. For his part, Chase has made his choice and now he's committed. As the face of the revolution he's 'in it to win it' because anything else will lead to his death. The twenty-five million-credit bounty on his head will see to that.

The problem he faces now is convincing Fleet Captain Witner, and his Command Team to trust him, when Chase still doesn't trust them enough to tell them who he truly is. Chase had been betrayed too many times in his past to come clean easily, and for all that he's doing everything they ask of him, until the Captain and his team gives him a seat at the table, he's not about to start trusting any of them.

So he's content to let them continue believing he's a fraud of their own creation to justify the search for a 'real' heir.

 Still, he now has Claire on his side, and he can't think of anyone else he'd rather have there. She's as driven as he is, and at least as crazy. He's never met a better fighter and probably never will. As a duchess she's been teaching him valuable lessons about how to act and what to say. As a friend and lover, she's giving him something that he never thought he'd have - a reason to win.

See it on Amazon - Taking Ground 

Saturday, December 30, 2023

YES, there will be MORE Valens Heritage Novels

 I never posted about this here and I just realized I should have. Yes, there will be more books. Why did I take a break from writing them? The biggest reason, was that Amazon was starting to act up in regards to anything that got the 'harem genre' tag again and a number of us got worried. Some folks made significant changes to how they did things (they pulled out ALL sex scenes and posted them elsewhere), others did nothing. Some just doubled down and wrote more scenes. 

I decided to take a step back and see just how it all played out. If I had my account banned, that would mean losing both my name and my pen name (as they're on the same account) and I'd never be allowed to sell anything on Amazon ever again. So I'd be completely out of the ebook market. So I had no choice but to see how it all played out.

Also, I had two books I was under obligation to write for the Publisher I'm starting to work with. One of those books they changed their minds on and I self-pubbed that and it did so well I need to get a sequel out ASAP. Whereas prior to that I figured I could just write two a year (tradpub is slow). The other book is the Summer's End sequel. Still waiting to hear on that. It's been long enough that I'm guessing they want it and are now editing it. Or something.

I did feel that I needed to take a -short- break, but due to a few unforeseen circumstances that break has gone on a little longer than I meant it to. I should be back to writing Valens Heritage in the next 3 months. 

There are a LOT of books I want to write this year, I'm hoping that after a few changes to things around the house and my life (as in I'm in the process of offloading some of the non-writing work to my spouse, which isn't easy - I'm a bit OCD and I don't like giving up control) but I'm hoping to get more time to write and less stress in my life. A lot less stress. The last few years have been very stressful. The last big stressor is my dog (a fairly large GSD) who is very old and having lots of issues and well, his time in this world is growing less.

So I apologize for not making this clearer, sooner, but it's been a busy year. The car accident back in June led to several issues that messed up plans and schedules as there was a lot I had to deal with. Next time I think I'll just hire a lawyer.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Summer's End is now out in Mass Market Paperback!

Hey everyone!

The Mass Market Paperback edition of Summer's End is now available on Amazon (and will soon be at bookstores if not already there!). The price is less than the trade paperback (obviously) but it also means that the Kindle / ebook price has dropped as well!

So if you'd been holding off before, because the price was out of your budget, or if you simply forgot, now's the time to go check it out!



Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Another New Book! Serendipity, Ghost Warrior Book One

 Yes, I have another book coming out, it's on preorder until tomorrow. This one is a sort of Cyberpunk/Shadowrun mix up. It takes place in the world of the 'Days of Future Past' trilogy, several decades later.

Serendipity, Ghost Warrior Book 1

And the all important blurb!!

Nash has got a pretty good thing going on. A hot girl friend, who always takes him back, money whenever he needs it, the respect - no matter how grudgingly given - of his peers, and a safe place to lay his head each night when he goes to sleep. For one of the 'animal people' working the underground of the recently rebuilt Vegas, what more could he want?

Sure his memory is sketchy and he hasn't a clue of where he came from or how he came to be. But living in a world of awakened gods, magic users, high tech gadgets, monsters and all sorts of mythical creatures, well that's just par for the course! As a freelance runner, Nash has got a solid rep, even if it is small time. But as long as he's getting fed, having fun, and getting laid, what else is there in life?

Well, maybe that contract for picking up some gamer nerd. If he could score that one, well that would definitely move him up.

Now if only Coyote hadn't taken an interest in him...

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

I have a new book out under my John Van Stry name: Stand Alone


Chase had it all planned out, do a little time in one of the emperor's jails, say a four year stretch for getting rid of some trash that no one would miss, and when he got out, the path to the leadership would be wide open. It wasn't enough to be one of the gang's rising stars, or better lieutenants, he needed jail time, serious jail time — not that juvie crap or just going to county, to garner the respect he needed and deserved.

Unfortunately his bastard of a father, the same one that left his mother to die in poverty and him to run wild on the streets took an interest. Seeing him sitting on the bench when his case went to court was a shock. But not as big a shock as being sentenced to ten years in the Imperial Navy.

That's just the first of Chase's nasty surprises as he finds himself among the Emperor's Own - The Wolfhounds. How, and why, his bastard father sent him there is a secret that only the base AI knows the answer to. When that same AI decides to use Chase to fulfill its own orders, Chase soon finds himself in a situation where if he doesn't die honorably in combat due to the enemy, his own side will arrange those circumstances for him.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, Chase is proving to be just as tough of a bastard as the man who sent him there.

Link-> Stand Alone - Book 1 Wolfhounds

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

If anyone is looking for a good deal on a Ruger 22 revolver (side gate model)


 A friend of mine and his wife have a gun store. They just got in a bunch of .22lr Ruger Pistols for really great prices. I have one of these and they're good pistols for target shooting and plinking. They're the old 'side gate' style - like you see in the old cowboy movies. They're all ceracote - except for the cylinders that are like a nitrate finish.

So if you're looking for a good deal on an 'old style' .22, check 'em out below (and they do online sales BUT you need a local firearm dealer to do the transfer to and the price those folks charge changes from shop to shop).

(scroll down to the .22's)